Discover our story.

We take our role seriously. Asserting our dedication to the Pacific Northwest that we proudly call home, and showing our unwavering commitment to the people and businesses we work with.

Guiding principles to good business.

Our philosophy

Always do the right thing, no matter the cost. We pride ourselves on becoming one of your teammates and having your best interests at heart while you navigate the difficult build process.

Our mission

To recognize and quickly mitigate erosion control issues that would set you back. With each and every build we cover, our standard is to provide compliance, savings and expediency; Keeping your focus on the build!

Meet Josh

A builder advocate and CESCL consultant, Joshua has worked in the Erosion and Sediment control industry for the last 5 years. Joshua was the Operations Manager of the leading BMP Installation company in the area, Above & Beyond Hydroseed. While there, he learned a unique set of skills navigating different jurisdictional requirements, changing inspector needs, the ever-increasing build pace and demand from sales the builders have. Joshua now leverages this knowledge with his own company, Clark County CESCL Services. 

He loves the building process, as well as the environment and recognizes his part in keeping our rivers and streams safe for years to come!